Isanti City attorney digs in, defends inaction on former police chief. Mind Over Matter Charity Golf Classic happening in Wayzata July 14 and 15.. Florida expert captures elusive alligator.

Surveillance video. Iowa, captured the moment when a temporary barrier holding back the swollen Mississippi River broke, sending millions of gallons of floodwaters into downtown. In the upper left.

Design Within Reach-Exploring Attainable Housing Options We can and should raise our expectations for creative and affordable housing design within the region. We can be proactive in developing systemic solutions to meet the housing needs of all citizens.

That’s why clouds. Wow! Video from directly underneath the eye wall of #HurricaneMichael. Taken by Stefan Melendez on Facebook. – Ed russo (@edrussowsbt) october 10, 2018.

Funnel cloud spotted in Texas More Cellphone video captures funnel cloud in Stamford, Texas, as much of the state was under a tornado watch or warning Tuesday evening.

CEDAR CITY – Additional funding has been secured for Southern Utah University’s Sorenson Legacy Child and Family Development Center, allowing renovation construction to begin this July, with plans for the center to be completed and operational by August 2020. The center, a much-anticipated project, is committed to the retention and graduation of SUU students by providing a high-quality.

In August 2001, rains over Cedar Rapids, Iowa led to a 10.5C (18.9F) rise in the nearby stream within one hour, which led to a fish kill. Since the temperature of the rain was comparatively cool, it could be attributed to the hot pavement of the city.

Clouds Over Cedar Lake, oil on panel, 8 x 13 in Jim Serrett I can spend endless hours watching the ripple rhythm and shadows sail across the lake. These studio works are created from my Pochade studies, field sketches and my visual memory of an experience.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Fort lauderdale – E-Luxury Homes 1) What are some of the hottest new projects happening in Fort Lauderdale. developer/investor in their Florida real estate and corporate matters Counsel to developer in financing, development and.

Monsoon Storm over the Grand Canyon by Luca Eugeni. August The photo shows an amazingly lit shelf rimming the rain core falling just east of what appears to be Bright Angel Canyon. Grand Canyon, Arizona (probably my favorite place ever) Inclement weather is a great opportunity to capture some unique and fantastic images.

This video sent in to WHIO from Stacey Longstreath shows a funnel cloud that developed in northern Champaign County at around 7:45pm. Another call from a viewer into WHIO-TV also spotted the cloud.

Video captures possible "landspout" tornado in New Jersey. July 6, 2019 / 7:15 PM / CBS/AP Funnel cloud spotted in New jersey. suzanne eaton was last seen Tuesday when colleagues said she.