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The Farmington Armada incident got a lot of local press at the time, but it took 65 years before there was in-depth research into the northwest New Mexico phenomenon.David Marler said his.

The Farmington, New mexico ufo armada Case June 10, 2019 8:38 pm 1 comment. A 3-day UFO encounter in March 1950 in Farmington, New Mexico is quietly one of the most credible UFO cases on record. During those three days, hundreds of UFOs were witnessed by over a thousand residents.

In 1948, two years before the sightings in Farmington, a UFO is said to have crashed near the town. The incident was reported by Frank Scully in the Variety magazine and his later book ‘Behind the Flying Saucers’. New Mexico is also noted as the location of perhaps the most famous UFO crash on record – Roswell.

UFO CASE REPORT The farmington ufo armada Date March 17, 1950 Location Farmington, New Mexico, united states summary: "Fully half of this town’s population still is certain today that it saw space ships or some strange aircraft — hundreds of them zooming through the skies yesterday.

This will be an ever-growing portion of my website. Here, I will be sharing my research into various UFO cases. The first of which is my revised, corrected, and expanded research on the Farmington, NM "flying saucer armada" case from March 1950.

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David Marler is one of the great treasures of modern UFO research. He is the author of an important book on Triangular UFOs, and is nearly as well known for his exemplary work on the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles, as well as some other cases, like the 1950 UFO "armada" incident over Farmington, New Mexico. Here he discusses a little-known incident from 1964 that is quite extraordinary.

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